Therapeutic success is the product of combined efforts 

For decades a vision has run through our company history like a continuous thread. That vision is to be able to supply the perfect compression stocking and appropriate support stockings for all relevant medical indications and all life situations.

With our quality products VENOSAN we are able to make an important contribution to the prevention and treatment of venous disorders, for both women and men.


Did you know?

Bonn Vein Study confirms: venous disorders are very prevalent

Berlin, 24.06.2003. The latest Bonn Vein Study a pivotal health study financed by the German Ministry of Health and Social Security, and the Germany Society of Phlebology (the study of veins)  has confirmed: venous disorders are highly prevalent. The figures are clear: 90 percent of normal adults show changes in their venous system. Almost one quarter of all Germans aged 18 to 79 (23 percent) have varicose veins.

At the presentation of the study in Berlin, Professor Eberhard Rabe MD from the Bonn University Dermatology Clinic, under whose leadership this major healthcare study was carried out, said, The results of our research show that venous disorders are very widespread among the general adult population. Thus they are one of the most common diseases of mankind. 17 percent of German adults have symptomatic venous disease that requires medical treatment. Every sixth male and every fifth female is affected.

Source: Eurocom-info