Support Stockings

Support stockings 

The old prejudices against support stockings which sometimes still persist are now wholly unjustified. New types of materials and a variety of fashion colours mean that VENOSAN support stockings are indistinguishable from fine hosiery.



High-quality materials, attractive colours and a wide range of models are as convincing as the high degree of comfort in wear.

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Did you know?

That the yarn fineness, yarn diameter, or the titre of a yarn, a fibre or a filament is expressed as the mass per unit length. The yarn fineness gives no indication of the strength or the volume of a yarn.

A high yarn fineness has a lower ratio of mass to length, whereas a high titre has a higher ratio.

The yarn fineness is measured internationally in tex. This unit has replaced the previous units denier (den), metric number (Nm), and English number (Ne).



1 tex: 1 gram per 1,000 m

1 dtex 1 gram per 10, 000 m (decitex)

1 den: 1 gram per 9,000 m



How thin are microfibres?

Microfibres is a collective term for fibres whose individual filaments are finer than one denier. Here are a couple of comparisons to give you an idea: microfibres have half the diameter of silk fibres, one third that of cotton fibres, one quarter that of fine wool fibres, and only one hundredth of the diameter of a human hair. Example: Tactel.

Photograph: comparison of a microfibre (above) with a human hair (below).