Compression Stockings


According to studies, VENOSAN is amongst the compression stockings best known by doctors all over the world. One reason for this is our innovative product development.



For example, we were acclaimed as the first manufacturer with the TACTEL climate effect label and set new standards with VENOSAN 5000 and the silver thread X-Static.


VENOSAN compression stockings also have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 quality seal for textiles tested for harmful substances. This means even greater safety for your clients!


All these factors explain why VENOSAN are in great demand throughout the world as extremely comfortable compression stockings.

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Did you know?

That we distinguish between four different compression classes:


Class 1 (Ccl. I)

Mild compression. 18 mmHg (24 hPa) to 21 mmHg (28 hPa) at the ankle.

For a feeling of tired and heavy legs, early venous insufficiency (weakness), mild varicose veins without pronounced oedema, for varicose veins in pregnancy, so called spider veins, and after sclerosis of varicose veins.



Class 2 (Ccl. II)

Moderate compression. About 23 mmHg (31 hPa) to 32 mmHg (43 hPa) at the ankle.

For more serious symptoms, for more marked varicose veins or moderate oedema, after healing of minor ulcers, after sclerosis and surgery for varicose veins, after deep vein thrombosis and in cases of insufficiency (weakness) of the valves in the deep veins.



Class 3 (Ccl. III)

Powerful compression. About 34 mmHg (45 hPa) to 46 mmHg (61 hPa) at the ankle.

For chronic venous insufficiency (weakness), pronounced oedema, atrophie blanche, dermatosclerosis, and after resolution of severe ulcers.



Class 4 (Ccl. IV)

Very powerful compression. Over 49 mmHg (65 hPa) at the ankle.

For lymphoedema and disfiguring swelling.